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The Parkway RV Resort & Campground
Nestled among groves of trees and lush surroundings, The Parkway RV Resort and Campground is a camper's paradise. Our large, shaded pull-thrus give every site a sense of privacy and tranquility you won't find at other parks. Conveniently located just 1/2 mile West of I-5 (exit 619)in California's Great Central Valley. We are a popular destination for those looking to get away, or just passing through for the night.

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About Us

Established in 2004

Hi, Welcome to The Parkway RV Resort & Campground in Orland, California. When our children were little we loved to pack up the kids and take off. It started out with simple “Sunday afternoon drives”, that grew into weekend jaunts, then as the years progressed they blossomed into full blown camping trips that involved several other families with kids too. We had so much fun that when we took our 3rd sabbatical (compliments of Intel) we bought an RV and packed up the kids once again (now there were 5 boys) and hit the road for 3 months. To this day I will tell you it was the best thing we ever did.

It was on this adventure that John said, “This is what I want to do when I retire.” I thought, OK; great, I can retire and see the world in an RV. Then he said, “Lets buy an RV Park”. I lovingly said,” YOU’RE NUTS!”

Several years passed, He still had this RV Park dream and support it I did and found us a park to buy….

When we purchased this business in September of 2004, it was a run down derelict. But we saw the potential in it. Kind of a "jewel in the rough" so to speak. We knew it would take a lot of work, time and money. We had two out of three. :) Ready or not we took the plunge and retired early to tackle this new challenge... it would be OUR challenge. We were done with corporate life and working for someone else.

Of course, our kids, the neighbors, friends, and most family members thought we were certifiable because we were moving to the country to buy what looked like the "Haney Place" from the old TV sitcom, Green Acres. (Actually this park was named Green Acres when we bought it! How ironic is that!) But they loved us anyway and wished us well.

It's been 10+ years in the revamp and we're in the home stretch. Still more to do and the list never seems to grow any shorter but when guests find us-they find an oasis in the valley. We are all about Rural, Rest, Relaxation and Wine. Join us!

Press Play for Rural, Rest, Relaxation, and Wine.

Site Map

Please review the Park Site Map and aquaint yourself with the park surroundings.

Free Internet Access

Enjoy free overnight internet access.

Wine Tasting

Enjoy many local wines.

Local Attractions

Things to do and see!
Farwood Bar & Grill
Farwood Bar & Grill
1.3 miles away
Alta Schmidt House Museum
Alta Schmidt House Museum
2 miles away
Black Butte Lake
Black Butte Lake
8 miles away
Bidwell Mansion
Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
19.9 miles away
Chico Museum
Chico Museum
20 miles away
Gateway Museum
Gateway Museum
20.7 miles away
Thunderhill Raceway Park
Thunderhill Raceway
23.3 miles


Mailing Address & Location:
  6330 County Road 200/Newville Road Orland, CA 95963
Call us:
530 865 9188
Toll Free:
800 468 9452
530 865 2326
Email us:
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