Welcome to The Parkway RV Resort & Campground

Nestled among groves of trees and lush surroundings, Parkway RV Resort & Campground is an RV camper’s paradise. Our large, shaded campground is tranquil yet easily accessible and conveniently located a half mile west of I-5 (exit 619) in California’s Great Central Valley.

Established in 2004, The Parkway RV Resort & Campground has been giving fellow travelers a place to stay for over 10 years. Our upscale amenities make The Parkway RV Resort & Campground a popular destination. Whether you’re a family on vacation, or a wanderlust road tripper looking to spend a night, we have something to offer you.

Our History

We loved to pack up the kids and take off when our children were little. It started out with simple “Sunday afternoon drives”, that grew into weekend jaunts; then as the years progressed they blossomed into full-blown camping trips that involved several other families with kids too. We had so much fun that when we took our third sabbatical (compliments of Intel) we bought an RV and packed up the kids once again (now there were five boys) and hit the road for three months. To this day I will tell you it was the best things we ever did.